Friday, June 25, 2010

Brian comes home today!

YAY! Granted, he's only been in the field for a week, but it turns out that I revert to my twelve year old self while I'm home alone.

So, no giggly phone calls to boys, but crazy stuff goes down. Namely:

-surviving solely off of Starburst and lemonade

-watching way too much crappy tv (Hello E!)

-staying awake until the wee hours of the morning, which isn't helped by the fact that the sun never goes down

-and potentially one or two impulse purchases from Sephora for pretty things I don't need due to the sugar-induced craze

Brian's return has already caused me to vaccuum today and change the garbage, so HA party week of ridiculousness. Also this weekend we're going to be parents and get a few more things for Lulu's room.

Speaking of babies, I'm 30 weeks and some days and officially huge! I can't believe I still have two more months, 'cause I'm pretty sure little Lu isn't going to fit much longer.

Here in Alaska we're having a superfun 'heat wave' and with all the heat my toes are starting to look like sausages. It's pretty tragic, as they weren't picturesque to begin with. Trying to pedicure them myself is starting to be an Olympic event also, so likely I'll have to hit up a nail salon here shortly... Wish me luck!

Happy Friday, lovelies!

28 weeks, so this + bigger! Yikes!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today I...

...Rediscovered circus peanuts!


Monday, June 7, 2010

We're in the homestretch!

Third trimester!!!

I'm so excited! Twelve more weeks and our little lady will be here!

Speaking of which, Brian and I have finally decided on a first name... Louisa! I absolutely love it. So pretty and sweet, feminine without being too fussy, and classic but not so common. Her middle name is still under consideration, but I'm not too worried.

Also, my sister has a blog! Woohoo! You can find Miss Margarita here, and read about all the fun stuff in Maine that I'm missing.

In other creepy blog stalker news, have you heard of Cupcakes and Cashmere? She is apparently a superfamous style blogger, so famous that Coach invited her to design a bag! Anyways, I stumbled upon her during an Alias marathon last weekend, and I'm in love. She has the prettiest hair and the most enviable shoe collection that I've ever seen, seriously. I'm debating on spending our savings on Yves Saint Laurent platforms instead of diapers and baby baths... And the best part is that she's 27, so that means I still have a couple of years to get it all worked out!!

This is our Sweet Lulu a few weeks ago... Smiling! I love that she is such a happy little thing already! Likely though, it has lots to do with all the marshmallows and little else! 82 days until we get to meet our pretty little lady!