Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time for you to be jelly!


I'm sitting here, on my new couch (woop) with major conjunctivitis in my right eye and buckets of coconut oil in my hair.

I'm willing this dang eye to be goop free for tomorrow, mostly just because I'm sick of not being able to wear eye makeup.  We're going on day FIVE of this business, friends.  FIVE.

Also hoping that my locks will be resurrected from this state.  No mo' chlorine for me this summer.  Hopefully.

But probably not.

Chillin' at the pool!
Anyway, my little lady turns two soon, and I need to get busy planning her festive un-party.  Because birthdays are awesome, but I feel a little bit silly about favors and matching decor and cupcake pins and napkins and sparkles and whateverrrelse.  There will be lots of sparkles and sprinkles and probably a tutu but chaos-style like we like so much.

Were you so curious about my to-do list?  I figured.  But trolling Etsy is making me feel inadequate.  You know...

Happy August!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Teeny bedroom for TWO!

Bay windows!

I have some new digs.  And the craziest bit?  

My husband doesn't live here.  

No, no.  Nothing scandalous for you.  

Little Lu and I are striking out on our own while we pass the months until he's a Mainer again.  

Anyway, we're in love.  I love this old building and the cracked, worn wood floors.  The antiquated molding and the neighbors who smoke too many cigarettes.  The excitement of downtown and the sirens that go by...  They make me feel so safe!

Lulu loves the independence of a bed FOUR FEET from mine.  (Instead of the no feet before.)  She loves the princesses on her wall and camping out on the livingroom floor.  We don't have a couch yet.  It even has an extra half bathroom so we can set her potty up and she can call it her own.  Yay for potty training!

Life is pretty great right now. :)