Friday, December 31, 2010

Sees ya, 2010!

I'm pretty psyched that it's almost a new year, and 'cause Britney's new single comes out in a week. B is dreading January 7 for the same reason.

Have you read The Hunger Games?  You need to, seriously.  I read the trilogy in 3 days (on my fancy new eReader, woop!) which is a feat with a bitty baby.  If you imagine Peeta as Chord Overstreet it is six times better.
Welcome. (link)

More awesome that 2011 will hold:
-Homeeee!  And playing with fab nieces.
 (Even just the continental United States would be good.  I need out of this tundra!)
-Losing the baby weight!  Yay, willpower!
-Being Blonde again!
-Dunkin' Donuts.  I haven't had real DD in 11 months.  Tragic.

But, on the flipside:

B is legit deploying.  Ugh.  And it's a bit too close to ignore anymore.  Nastynastynasty. 

But tonight we'll have wine and cupcakes and celebrate 2011 on EST.  Which is 8pm here and usually around our bedtime...  Ha!  

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pre-Holiday Sick and a List

It is the opposite of festive in this house.


BUT, I am the sick one.  Colds and sinus infections make the baking and shopping and wrapping quite minimal.  No fun.

So, here are some things that are making my December merry:

Aden + Anais Blankets
These were rockin' when she was teeny, but are big enough to keep Miss Lu's arms swaddled tightly now, getting us all through this fun 3 month sleep regression phase.

Cool Mist Humidifier
Super awesome for a baby, especially in a dry climate, but extra-awesome for a sick mum, when baby still shares a room!

JoyfulJessica on Etsy
Little Miss has lots of hair, and her head is too big for headbands, but these bows are awesome!  The perfect size and they always stay put!

Mad 'cause I got her hands out of her mouth for pictures... NO SMILES!

BearPaw Boots
Purchased in preparation for Alaska wayyyy back when we were in Texas, these are the perfect amount of warm for the 4 seconds that I spend outside.  Cozy toes are my favorite!!!!

Polka Dot Riesling
I'm definitely planning on indulging in a glass during my wrapping marathon on December 24th.

Having two nieces just a bit older than Louisa has made for an awesome baby girl wardrobe!  I just recently re-discovered a box, and Little Lu is quite the stylish girl!

Cloth Diapers
Way back when she was a teenyweeny...
Admittedly, it took me quite awhile to warm up to them!  They do a good job against leakage and she never gets diaper rash with them!  I have a bunch of BumGenius3.0, but definitely need to invest in some more.  We still use 'sposies at night though, and when we go out.  Baby steps..

Officially lists are my most favorite kind of blog to post.  And when I write bunches I feel like most people don't read them so much.  (I don't always read when people get so wordy.  Sorry.)

Also, I'm considering getting a Nosefrida.  Yikes.?. 

Happy Week of Christmas!  Hope your days aren't too craycray!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweeter than a Swisher

So, I was just telling Brian yesterday that I wish I were sixteen so it would be appropriate to use song lyrics as facebook statuses, and then this song comes along and my name totally works!  Dang 25!

Anyway, Christmas is almost here! I'm mostly done shopping... Kinda. I rocked it out getting the stuff that needs to be shipped, but I'm kinda struggling when it comes to Lulu. So far we got a bumbo, which:

Yea, bad at saving. So, she'll get a tray for it- yay. And that's it. Oh, these:
(not Lulu, in case that wasn't clear)
Cuuute! She officially rolls over now, and sometimes when she's on her belly she scoots her legs up and acts like she's trying to crawl. Um, you're three months old (friday). Please don't. I'm kind of hoping she'll be one of those babies who just sits and relies on me for transportation for the first year. I mean, she has the whole rest of her life to be all mobile and independent. Can't I at least have the first year to keep you mine?

I'm half done getting Brian's things, and boycotting gifts for grown-grownups, 'cause really?  You're over 50.  Lulu needs presents more than you.  Fortunately the same does not apply for my side of the family b/c there are only a few and they are way fun to shop for, even if I'm not going to be there when they open their gifts. (Also they only count as grownups kind of.)

Ooooh, also, Louisa met Santa!!  The real one from North Pole, not one of his lame copycats around the US!!  She wasn't too concerned about the whole ordeal, but was a bit too tired to smile.

(Yes, she is dressed as an elf and her suit says 'B'Jolly'!  I'm in love. )

In major domestic news, I'm attempting my first crock-pot chili today!  We've already had one minor setback, but it smells really good so it can't be all bad, right?

And, 'cause pictures are the best:
Swaddle Renegade!

(I look weird. Ignore it.)

Chatty girl!

Festive Fam at the Christmas party!

Naps w/o heat!  Brrrrrr!

Another domestic fail, just to get you excited about chili stories. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I'm pretty sure this is the most silly baby accessory I've seen!  Christian Dior pacifiers!  Funny!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I was getting to that.

It seems I have a blogstalker and her name is Meg.  Yea, I got lazy and left out all the fun stuff...  whatevs.

So, the best stuff:
Brian & Lulu

Thanksgiving 2010

She LOVES to sit up!

Major Bedhead!

Party on the floor!

This past week the temps went from 30s to -30s!  SO cold!  And the worst part is that we didn't have heat on the first floor...

Yea.  I knew it was cold, but just kinda figured it was because it was so cold outside.  Today I finally called maintenance because I figured we had a thermostat issue (there are 4 in this house; I still don't know what they each control...)  But the guy came tonight.  Apparently the whole building has been having issues, not just us.  At least it's fixed now!

My loneliness is killing me...

Ha!  I've totes had Britney in my head allll day long!  For serious though, B is gone for his 5th week since Louisa was born, eleven weeks ago.  

Not awesome at all, ARMY. 

 Especially when I go to your dang FRG meetings and you throw out words like 'pre-deployment leave' and 'upcoming' within the same sentence... Ouch!

But then you butter me up with awards and coins like I'm a superstar.