Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Hangover!

Haha! I'm so relieved this day is finally done! Unfortunately, B was stuck there, for a second Thanksgiving. He managed to scrounge up some 'traditional' Panda Express in lieu of fighting the masses of hungry soldiers, I'm pretty sure. It feels like that convo was just a dream, but my phone insists that he really did call at 2:30 this morning, so we'll go with that.

Me? I had skype-breakfast with my family in Maine. Alyssa is a dancing queen, and was giving the Rockettes a run for their money this morning! She serves up some fierce competition, with those size-3T legs of hers. I couldn't find any pre-cooked turkey at HEB, so Coco and I indulged in some rotisserie chicken with stuffing and cranberry sauce. As good as it gets!

So, as sucky as it was to not have Brian here, I truly do have lots to be thankful for:

1 - He is safe, healthy, and on his way home. Later rather than sooner, but on the way is better than not!

2 - Brian. He is the most perfect, crazy, calm, thoughtful, indulgent, kind, amazing, and just awesomest husband ever! And rugged, or so he tells me! (Yes, I am very thankful for the recreational time spent in the gym! Hellooooo, MUSCLES!)

3 - My family. If they weren't so fun, it wouldn't be so hard to be so far away from them.

4 - The evergreen room spray that I cleverly packed away with our tree last year. I hateeee fake trees, but we're not here for the real holiday, and I can't have nothing, so our place sports a 3-footer! The spray, however, helps to lull you into a sense of legit tree-ness. Awesome.

5 - That I don't do Black Friday. 3am? Seriously? Y'all are nuts. There is no shopping deal that would make it worth it for me to get up that early. Seriously. Good luck if you do it though. I'm impressed by your hard-core retail expertise.
I hope you all had a lovely holiday, however you celebrated!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So, it's been awhile, eh? Sorry! It turns out that I will likely have a husband come Thanksgiving, you know, in two days!!!!! I am literally freaking out! Of course, he may be home later, but I'm planning for soon. The date has been changed quite a few times in the last weeks, but things seem to be moving right along on his end! I'm so so relieved that this deployment might actually be over. 2009 really has been so long, and even though I've accomplished quite a bit, I feel like mostly I've been just waiting for him to come home so we can continue to be our happy little family again.

The past few weeks have been full of substitute teaching, not nearly enough school work, some house cleaning, and lots of distraction with other wives. We finally went to see New Moon today, and it was really good! Not as good as the book of course, but much more true to the story than the Twilight movie was. Also, I got glasses! I really just need them for reading/computer use and driving at night, which isn't much of an issue now, but will likely be one when we move to Alaska and it is dark for 6 months.

They still feel weird, but I kind of love them! I'm totally wearing them next time I sub! Maybe those dang sixth graders will quiet down now, ha! (p.s. I know I look like a wicked scrub in the picture. Today is my 'super-clean the apartment' day. Don't judge.)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Love Bath and Body Works!

So, YAY! I've gotten to talk to Brian twice in the past two days (which is kind of a record these past few months) and it has been nothing but good news!

His re-deployment date has moved up again, and is in the reallysuperclose range! Like, before the yogurt in the fridge expires...!! I drove by Cooper Field where the homecoming ceremonies are held, and all over they had big signs that said: 'Welcome Home Brian's Brigade'! I kind of freaked out in the car and it's quite miraculous that there were no accidents, it couldn't be helped. (also, I found out that the field is like 1/4 mile down the road from where the shooting happend... so crazy, and so sad!)

Anyways. I went to BBW a couple days ago and got my delicious leaves, and winter, which is my new favorite home fragrance scent. While I was there I found a new line, called 'Winter White' with tons of different scents and they all smelled sooo good, and were 50% off! The floral one was my fav, so I got the pretty shimmer roll-ons as stocking stuffers for my lady family, and may have also gotten the ginormous body spray for myself! I do not regret it though, because it smells so freakin' amazing!

So, my apartment smells so delicious, and I've gone into full-on homecoming preparation mode! Today I deep-cleaned the carpets and am doing all of my laundry and refreshing some of Brian's that has been in storage. Next week I'll go to the grocery store to stock up on all of his crazy things! I just hope I have enough time to get everything done before he gets here! (I'm he won't really be too concerned about how clean it all is though, just makes me feel better!)

And last but not least, Steph at Watching Airplanes has given me another award 'cause she is the nicest blog friend ever! Thank you! I'm going to do it soon, I haven't forgotten!
Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I just learned that my friend's husband snagged a spot on the advance party and came home Monday. I am so so excited for them, truly, because they did a 15 monther last time, and have been having a rough patch these last few months. She deserves to have him home, and he definitely deserves a break.
I'm jealous. And I hateeee it, but I am. You see, this guy left with my Brian. Like sat next to him on the bus to the airport. I think this would be easier if homecoming were sooner.
Maybe it is supposed to make me more excited? It's hard to feel excited when I haven't talked to him in 3 days, and I know, for certain, that he is still in his spot, running his missions, and is too busy to call.
It's ridiculous, I know. It just feels neverending. Yea, I might be having a pity party for myself, and it isn't pretty. I apologize.
On the bright side though, I did pick up two tough boxes sent from Iraq today! One from Brian, and one from his soldier. They were superheavy, but I brought them in and stacked them up in my kitchen to cheer myself some. Also, I got tons of homecoming home fragrance from BBW and I'm in love. Leaves and Winter, I can't quite decide which is my favorite!
So, yay for homecoming! Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later, 'cause I'm going a tad crazy finishing up these 12 months!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vaca Pictures!

I got back into Texas last night, and have spent the day chillaxin' with my pup and doing laundry, thus, I am too drained and un-fun to write things. So, pictures!

my pregnant sister Meg, and her husband Tyler

Meg's baby shower!

my neice enjoying her cupcake

Alyssa again, stealing bites of smashed potato from Uncle Tyler

Alyssa and I on the playground

Happy Veterans' Day

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. ~Elmer Davis

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update, yo!

So, I'm having way too much fun at home. My neice is the best thing in the world, and my fam is just wicked fun! I'm stocking up on autumn air and cold to bring back with me to Texas, which is coming soon...

The only upside is that the countdown will be moving riiiiight along!! Last week Brian hit 90% done on the deployment donut, and likely will be home a week or so before projected! Amazing!

Next time I'll have pictures and more fun! (since I didn't bring my cord with me... struggle!)