Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well, maybe a bit overdue really...  Yesterday was my official date according to the hospital, and it seems little Louisa is going to take her sweet time!

At my 39 week appointment I hadn't progressed much from the week before.  I've spent the past week walking, bouncing on the yoga ball, eating spicy things and pineapples, even trying some wii fit exercises (Brian thinks my hula-hooping skills are entertaining!), and all that has gotten me is some super-uncomfortable Braxton Hicks.  Hopefully my appointment tomorrow will show some progression...  If not, it's just a matter of time!  At 41 weeks my hospital will do an ultrasound to ensure Lulu has enough fluid and is still thriving in there, and if everything looks good they'll wait a few more days to induce!

I'm just so excited knowing that within the next two weeks we'll finally be able to meet our sweet baby Louisa!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Progress! And Pictures!

SO, I had my 38 week appointment yesterday, and am officially dilated and effaced!! Not tons, and I know it still means it could be awhile, but - I'm still crazy excited, and plan on doing everything in my power to move this little lady along!

Also, we finally finished the nursery!! Now it's not magazine style amazing, but it is certainly cozy and sweet and perfect for our little miss!

(And that is what 38 weeks pregnant looks like.  I know, Yikes!)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Here's a little thing I don't think that you know..."

That was my husband's intro this morning, and then he treated me to a fun fact or two about where Muslims build Mosques. Quite hilarious, eh? I promise, it really was! I married such a goober!

Really though, I have to tell you about my new favorite thing, Gap lounge pants. I used my birthday money for a few splurges, and I figured what I'll need most in the weeks following Louisa's arrival will be soft, comfy clothes. They arrived yesterday, and I didn't want to try them on 'cause I knew I wouldn't want to take them off...! I was totally right, and am planning on buying as many more as I can fit in my drawers. Online they don't look like much, but they hide my pregnancy cellulite like nobody's business! I'm almost dreading the day that I can fit into jeans again and don't have any excuse to wear them to the grocery store.

Speaking of Miss Babycakes, she is officially head down!! I'm so happy to be only 23 days away from my due date, and just two days until she is officially full term! I'm starting to be less 'grumpy pregnant lady' and more 'super excited mum to be'! I so can't wait until she is here!!! The nursery is soooo close to done, we just have to figure out the curtain situation. Honestly though, I'm not too worried that it be done before she gets here. She likely won't be sleeping in there for a while.

Unfortunately, the Army isn't so concerned that Lulu will be full term. Brian is spending most of next week in the field, and the week after. He'll bring his phone with him just in case, but that doesn't ensure that he'll have reception. A friend up here offered to be my emergency support, just in case. Likely though we have nothing to worry about; I'm pretty certain Louisa will be a September baby. Hopefully not too late though, I'm so anxious to meet my sweet girl!