Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can you believe 3 whole people commented on my last post? I mean, the fact that people even read my craziness is thrilling, but people even write back?!?!?!? Blogging rocks! And, thank you so so much! I so struggle at writing back to anyone, even on easy-peasy facebook, so I feel extra lucky, and am making an effort, promise!

Okay, the apartment is mostly set up, and I love it. All of our things survived the trip, thankfully, and we have more room than we used to! The second bedroom is stuffed to the brim with Brian's "gear" if ya know what I mean, and bits of house that don't fit anywhere else, but I'm just happy to have space for all of our extra junk!

I'm kiiind of concerned that I might be living in the ghetto. I know that most of Killeen is straight up sketchy, but we're farther out of town than we were before, so I hoped we would be safe. Our neighbors seem harmless, for the most part, but then I saw the ice cream man, and he confirmed it! Seriously, some creepy old man cruising around in a big rapist-van-turned-ice-cream-truck. I wish I had gotten a picture. I almost hope he comes back tomorrow...


  1. Oh my gosh! I didn't realize you were at Killeen!!! That's where our next PCS is!!!! We'll be there in NOV!

  2. Is your ice cream truck the one with extra base and in the middle of the song it says "Hello?" CREEPS ME OUT.