Thursday, October 8, 2009

My husband has been MIA lately.

It's probably not appropriate to joke about that, seeing as how he is in a combat zone and all, but seriously. I talk to him once every never, and when we do talk he is sick and tired and I don't get to giggle appropriately about how excited I am and have to tend to his illness over the phone. (he has the flu, and is d y i n g.!)

But, I can say, I am quite confident that he will be healthy when he sleeps 8 hours a night and not with 29348023948 other guys in a tent, just sayin'.

My favorite thing this morning: loads of FRG emails with fun words like 'redeployment', 'homecoming', and 'flights'!!!!! Really, we're in the beginning-est bits of it, but it is still fun to think of, eh?

Tragic news. The new dress code for my sister's baby shower: RED. Do you remember that pretty dress that hasn't even arrived in the mail yet for me to know if it is perfect or not? I think that might clash with red. Tragic. Unless I find a way to wear it so that a pretty chiffon dress isn't a waste 5 months before we move to Alaska? I have faith.

Happy Thursday, friends! The weekend is so close I can taste it!


  1. I didn't know that there was such a thing as dress code at showers!!!
    I think when I have a shower, whenever that may be, I will make everyone wear a hideous color so I will look cutest.

  2. I hope your husband feels better soon... and that he gets home soon too! :)

    Sorry about the dress... it is awfully pretty! :)

  3. I hope he feels better! That's great that you're getting so close to his homecoming!