Thursday, February 18, 2010


- I have had to go to the dang Army hospital once a week for the past three or so weeks. And next week too. Then I get a week off, and I'll be back. And the worst part, most of them aren't fun baby appointments, but way less fun EFMP screening and follow up for the move. Bananas. (P.s. I totally just left an appointment there and am still fuming that it took 30 minutes to find a parking spot, like it does every.single.time. I'm not proud to say that I may have cut off a sweet old lady for it -- but only kind of!)

- OCONUS PCS is absolutely for the birds. I won't go into detail, but I'm really really thankful that we're only doing this once. And then I go anywhere in Killeen and think that anything is worth it to be out of this godforsaken place, really.

-Vienna really gets on my nerves. Jake, she is soooo vapid, desperate, and immature!! How do you not see it? Ugh.

- My husband turned 27 last week!! He's feeling old a little bit, but he has years before 30, no worries! (and his 27 makes my 24 feel young and spry!)

- We have a Battalion Ball to go to tonight! I'm about 40% excited, 60% feeling bloated/pregnant and not excited to be all dolled up. But, if we don't go I'll be really bummed, and this is likely the last time we'll see many friends and acquaintances that we've made here...

- I'm struggling to get any school work done, and I worry that I'll run out of time. It is soooo not useful that the semester ends juuuust as the deadline for our PCS arrives. Argh. March will be too busy for me!!

- I gave up soda AND chocolate, not just for lent, but for the remainder of this pregnancy. Sweet Baby does not need all those empty calories!! Wish me luck... it's certainly going to be a long six months!

Sorry for bullets, I'm just crazyyyy lately! Hopefully the next post will have pictures!!!


  1. My favorite place in Killeen is Walmart... not!

    We're going to a Battallion Ball tonight too... how funny. If I see you and it's the same one, I'll wave! :)

  2. Hope you have fun at the ball!

    The Bachelor is a show I watch but don't usually admit. I think it's really bad this year. Jake is such a dork.

  3. I haven't been around much, however, how exciting that you are pregnant! Congrats!! You will love Bassett Hospital here in AK. It's beautiful and from what I've heard a great place to give birth!

  4. Sounds like you have a busy month coming up!

    I have given up chocolate as well, but chocolate.. really? That's admirable :)

  5. Have a great time at the ball! It sounds like you've got a lot going on! Hopefully things slow down some!