Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweeter than a Swisher

So, I was just telling Brian yesterday that I wish I were sixteen so it would be appropriate to use song lyrics as facebook statuses, and then this song comes along and my name totally works!  Dang 25!

Anyway, Christmas is almost here! I'm mostly done shopping... Kinda. I rocked it out getting the stuff that needs to be shipped, but I'm kinda struggling when it comes to Lulu. So far we got a bumbo, which:

Yea, bad at saving. So, she'll get a tray for it- yay. And that's it. Oh, these:
(not Lulu, in case that wasn't clear)
Cuuute! She officially rolls over now, and sometimes when she's on her belly she scoots her legs up and acts like she's trying to crawl. Um, you're three months old (friday). Please don't. I'm kind of hoping she'll be one of those babies who just sits and relies on me for transportation for the first year. I mean, she has the whole rest of her life to be all mobile and independent. Can't I at least have the first year to keep you mine?

I'm half done getting Brian's things, and boycotting gifts for grown-grownups, 'cause really?  You're over 50.  Lulu needs presents more than you.  Fortunately the same does not apply for my side of the family b/c there are only a few and they are way fun to shop for, even if I'm not going to be there when they open their gifts. (Also they only count as grownups kind of.)

Ooooh, also, Louisa met Santa!!  The real one from North Pole, not one of his lame copycats around the US!!  She wasn't too concerned about the whole ordeal, but was a bit too tired to smile.

(Yes, she is dressed as an elf and her suit says 'B'Jolly'!  I'm in love. )

In major domestic news, I'm attempting my first crock-pot chili today!  We've already had one minor setback, but it smells really good so it can't be all bad, right?

And, 'cause pictures are the best:
Swaddle Renegade!

(I look weird. Ignore it.)

Chatty girl!

Festive Fam at the Christmas party!

Naps w/o heat!  Brrrrrr!

Another domestic fail, just to get you excited about chili stories. 


  1. So cute! That does look like the real Santa.

  2. Precious precious pictures! That Santa looks so real =) and she is so beautiful!