Saturday, March 5, 2011

Skinny Sabotage

B is back!  Woohoo!  

Except he has totally burst my bubble.

K, so, I'm on a quest to be more healthful and fit in to pre-Mum clothes.  I do crazy things like exercise and measure my cereal in cups and drink so much water that I have to interrupt baby naps for bathroom breaks and have salads for lunch and put almond butter in my oatmeal, 'cause: protein!  But, it is not all in vain.  The craziness has = 5 pounds down.  Which, isn't a lot but the scale was the same for like 2 months so any minus is a good minus.  


Brian is like minus 100 pounds.  

He says it was the stress of NTC. 

 UM?  I have the stress of bottles at 1 am, 3am, 4am, 5am.  Trying to pack for three for two weeks away from home.  Keeping the accounts positive when he sports the spendy-pants.  Moving 6000 miles while he has a party in the desert.  

Stress does not make you skinny.  

And then, since he has been gone for a month, he gets to pick dinner.  His choice?  Pad Thai, because it is more healthy than Chinese food.  Really?

So unfair.

I just hope I can muster the willpower to not put the pudge back on.  

Lulu is pretty excited he's home too.


  1. Poor Brian looks like he can't breathe!! And what is bloglovin'? I feel like I need to jump on that bandwagon!!!

  2. Well that's great that you're down weight! He looks so skinny!