Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shit is getting real.

'Kayso.  I blog almost never 'cause I overthink this shiz and don't want peeps to think that I'm too stupid/lazy/cheesy/mean/whatever.  But dude, I need to vent.  And more than all that stuff I'm awesome, and pretty nice.  

Unless you're my father-in-law.  

I feel like maybe I should do what all the other nice wives do and smile at him and agree to dates so he can hang with the baby and ignore it when he does things that creep me out like this: send gushy emails about how excited he was when Lu touched his beard, lay down on the ground next to 9 month old Lu when all the other people were just regular sitting, send letters to B in the 'Stan about how frustrated he is that he doesn't get to see Lu enough without even sending me a freakin' email!!!


Losin' mah shiz here.  I'm not even sure how we can be friends after this.  

And here's to being a bit more regular.  

And hopefully sleeping more. 

Ooohhh babylove!


  1. OMG she's gotten big. Girl, my in-laws are horrible. I can understand why you are creeped out. You can never be too safe with your baby.

  2. Not talking to you first before sending him a letter would annoy me too! Hang in there!