Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I was going to give you a fun V-day recap and maybe even a smushy shout out to the Husby, but then Lulu took longer than 45 minutes to fall asleep, and my nice-ness kind of evaporated.  

I only know how long because her new Twilight Turtle turns off at 45 minutes.  It is very off and she is still very awake.  Yawning and poking her fingers at me and in the air, but awake.  


But anyway, Happy 29 B!  Hope your cake jars were still super-delicious two weeks later and that all of your stinky friends were quiet enough for you to get a teeny bit of sleep in your dusty tent!  And hey, you won't be in Afghanistan next year, so that's pretty awesome!  For reals though, Happy Birthday to my awesome husband who is way more of a fox at 29 than he was at 28, for sure!

Just looks stinky, right?
R&R !

Lulu and I had a pretty awesome day too!  Lots of treats, a little party with cousins, a chilly wagon ride, and enough sugar to keep a one year old awake way past her bedtime!  Yay!
Noisy animals and serious bedhead


Festive ladies!

Scarlett love!

Auntie Meg and Cousin Alyssa!

Little Red's maiden voyage

I love Lulu's face in this one!
Ladylove is finally asleep and I'm having some ice cream!  Yay!  Hope you've all had an awesome Valentine's Day!

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  1. She's so cute! I love the heart pj's.

    Thanks for your kind words yesterday.