Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lemon love

For my birthday this past July my mom gave me a lemon tree. I was smidge obsessed with the idea of one after reading an article in Oprah magazine, so I had also ordered some lemon seeds online and planted them. 

All eight. 

Having done all of this pretty spontaneously and without much research, it was pretty upsetting when the big one  started to die. Her leaves fell off, she had some big infestations... Nasty stuff. 

Anyway, it turns out I was slowly suffocating them with nasty potting soil and too much water, so today we did some lemon tree surgery and repotted the big one and seven baby seedlings (one didn't make it at all).

It was messy business, and Lulu was a very enthusiastic helper! 

And now they all seem a lot happier in their new sandy, mold-free soil! 

The next step is some serious indoor lighting. Apparentley this chilly Maine weather isn't good for them?!?  Haha!

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