Monday, September 6, 2010

Nesting frenzy!

Today I am officially 41 weeks pregnant!  Tomorrow morning I have an ultrasound and non-stress test to make sure little Lulu is still doing okay in there.  If she isn't they'll induce right away, but if things look good they'll let me go a bit longer, until Friday probably.

I have to say, being overdue isn't nearly as miserable as I thought it would be.  I feel kind of content, like I made it to 40 weeks safely, and now she could really come any day.  That isn't to say I'm super impatient to meet this girl (and not be pregnant) but I don't feel pressure for it to be riiiight now, I'm okay with being pregnant for a few days longer.

So, I've taken advantage of this long weekend and had a bit of a nesting frenzy!  I've swept and mopped, vaccumed and dusted, done more loads of laundry than I thought our machine could handle, rearranged and reorganized all of our cabinets, taken down and re-hung wall decor, invested in new home fragrance and fall hand soaps, set up our new super-fancy coffee maker (can't wait for caffeine!), washed and organized all the new things for Louisa, even managed to sweep all the debris and cobwebs from our front door!  I realized I'd gone a bit overboard as I was sweeping my way down the sidewalk in my purple plaid pajama pants...  The neighbors are all used to the craziness though... I hope!

Fingers crossed that the next update will be full of baby pictures!

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