Monday, September 27, 2010

Miss Louisa!

She's finally here!!  After a harrowing 31 hours in labor, an alarming ambulance ride, and a 4-day stay in the NICU, Miss Louisa Violet Francis is finally home!!

Still all goopy, but I love it!

These past seventeen days have been the most amazing and crazy of my entire life.  Little Lulu is the sweetest baby, except for when she's hungry.  She most certainly inherited her appetite from her dad, as well as her toes and her eyebrows!  When her belly is full though, and she isn't sleeping, she is content to cuddle and look  around.  She has dark hair and light brows and lashes, beautiful blue eyes, and perfect cupid's bow lips.  

Trying to sleep with a newborn is exhausting!  Her longest stretch has been about six hours, and I'm not clever enough to sleep when she does during the day, so I'm more tired than I've ever been, ever.  It certainly doesn't help that Brian is back at work and out in the field already, so I don't have any help.  I honestly don't know how single moms do it!!  These five days are just a test though, 'cause he has a longer school coming up next month!!  Hopefully by then Louisa and I will have a bit of a schedule...

Smiling while she sleeps... so sweet!

My pretty little Lu

Brian and Louisa!  He looooves to hold her!

Hopefully I'll get better at posting, but likely not -- this little miss is pretty time consuming!


  1. Congrats!!! It gets easier and you two will work out a schedule together : )

  2. Awe she is adorable and so beautiful congrats girlie.

  3. Awww she's is adorable. Congrats!

  4. Congratutlations! She is so beautiful and she looks content in her daddy's arms.