Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's so crazy to think that one year ago...

I wasn't even pregnant!  Having a baby was a hope of mine, but not a plan.  I was looking forward to Thanksgiving alone in Texas, and Brian's homecoming shortly thereafter...

Oh how things have changed!

Miss Louisa is almost two months, and I can honestly say that being her mum is more amazing than I could have imagined.  She has quickly caught on to the smile thing, and loves to practice at 2am when she is up for a bottle. It's SO hard to not smile and coo back when she is such a cheery little cherub!

Eating her hands is another new favorite, and waving arms is tons of fun too!  Except, maybe, when she gets too exuberant and thumps her little hand into her face...  The expression she makes is a bit pitiful!

Last night she slept for seven hours straight, and then went to sleep for a few more!  Honestly, every day gets less stressful and more fun.  Now she is in her gym, yelling at it!  So funny!  And if the music runs out and the lights stop flashing -- she cries!  Little girl has so much personality, and I'm afraid that she's just as crazy as me!

Monday we have her 2 month appointment, and I'm really not looking forward to the shots!  Hopefully it'll be over quickly...


  1. Oh she's a little doll. So cute!

  2. Shes so cute! The shots will make her cry for a second but a magic hug from you and it will all be ok, believe me they are worse for us than them!