Monday, January 24, 2011

My sister bought skinny jeans.


Let me paint you a little picture:

1. I had a baby 4ish months ago. I am in the process of feeling pretty again. (Officially, since 1/1. I took a bit of a hiatus for cheesecake and chocolate covered chips in December) Today I felt brave enough to meet with Jillian again, but my jeans still say fourteen. Yikes for me. Pre-mama I was a ten, and comfortable with that. (I'm no skinny mini, I'm just not. It's genetics, and while high school wasn't fun, I've made peace with being average sized and well endowed. Whatevs.)

2. I'm five feet, two inches tall.

3. My sisters are beautiful. I'm not being dramatic, strictly facts. They both, but Meg in particular, have perfect teeth, big pretty eyes, and long legs.

Alyssa, Molly, Meg

Meg and baby Scarlett

Now, it's not so much that we compete, but more that I don't want to be the short, squirrely, and obviously out of shape one.  We're traveling home in March, so I have only 40 something days to get this all worked out.

SO, in addition to exercising daily (which is a bit of a hurdle with Miss Louisa) , I resolve to:

-Whiten my teeth with WhiteStrips, which I find terrifying.

-Eat more healthfully.  This means that York peppermint patties are not allowed because they are not a 'diet' treat.  

-Use my daily tanning lotion religiously, because I am still a brunette

-Attempt to correct my hair situation.  I tried this once already, and the result is: dark ends, reddish brown at the top, and some delightful dark roots.  Lovely.

Luckily for Brian, he has a month away for training, so he gets to miss out on most of the crazy!  So, 45 days...

Wish me luck!

p.s.  I have like 900 posts that I've started but haven't finished/posted.  Here's to neglecting my blog less in 2011!


  1. Good luck! It's hard to lose weight but total worth it in the long run. Best wishes!

  2. Um, hilar! I love this! Haha, I even read it out loud to Tyler like I do with new modg blogs! We had a little chuckle...!

    Yay for neglecting your blog less!!!

  3. Good luck with everything! Something that works really well with the whitening strips is their Pro White toothpaste. You can see the difference in a week!