Saturday, January 29, 2011


I think you need some babylove in your life, and I know I haven't shared Miss much lately, so, 


Brian was not photo-ready.

Miss Droolcakes.

Happy girl!

First encounter with cereal. 

Not. Convinced. 

Pigtails!  My absolute favorite!

Shoes are fun to EAT!

And, in case you were superconcerned about her stats:  At her 4 month appointment she was 15lbs 10oz, 25 inches and her head circumference was a bit over 17 in.  90th percentile for height/weight, and 97th for head! Funny!  She carries that big head well though, eh?

She wears some 3-6 and some 6-9, and when we use 'Sposies she needs a 3.  

Rice cereal is not so intriguing, but the past few days she has willingly finished a few tablespoons.  Veggies will start soon, butternut squash first, which we'll follow with avocado and some peas.   I'm making babyfood, and the little manual grinder seems like it won't be so effective.  We recently purchased a blender, and once I get the rest of my tools (strainer, ice cube trays, the veggiessss!  ha!)  we'll be in business.

Most importantly of all though, she is such a happy healthy girl!  Her laugh is just amazing, and she finds the silliest things to be hilarious!  She has finally figured out the jumping in her jumparoo, and has mastered rolling from her back to belly.  I've been trying to carry her more though, 'cause I'm terrified that she may actually crawl, and I'm pretty sure I can't handle my little baby being that big.  Just scary.  She is the most awesome thing ever, obviously

p.s. I realized how horrendously messy my kitchen is and totes when on a cleaning spree after posting these.  Swear. 

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