Sunday, February 20, 2011

I was so right.

Crest Whitestrips are absolutely the devil.  I wake up in the morning to see if my teeth are bleeding and can only have yogurt for like 6 hours.  How do people do the really hardcore 2-hour things?  Seriously.  I'm wicked bummed about my yellow teeth and have even been on a coffee sabbatical, which is nearly impossible on frigid Alaska mornings.  I just don't know how this is all going to work out.  

And right now?  I am totally wussing out on dying my hair, again.  I got this box that is supposed to lighten your hair three shades, which would put me in light brown/dark blonde territory, but I made the mistake of reading reviews online.  One lady feels that my hair will turn orange, and another one said to not use it if my hair has been previously colored.  There are some happy endings, but those ladies don't tell you what was going on in the beginning...  So, I found my nasty t-shirt, got all the baby monitors going, and totally chickened out.  I'm afraid I'll never be fun blonde again.  


You know what else is not awesome?  Not talking to Brian.  Forever.  Seriously though, they haven't been allowed cell phones since 2/10.  Um, that was a really freakin' long time ago.  I'm trying to pack and get all excited about our crazy voyage home, but it is way less fun when there is nobody here to be excited with me. I mean, Lulu smiles and tries to eat all the pictures I show her of the fam, but she does that to magazine babies too, so it feels less genuine.  

BUT, sunshine and sparkles.  

We're a teeny bit snowed in, which is fun when we don't have to go anywhere.  

I found bunches of pretty baby bows online.  

Louisa is in her new convertible car seat which means I'm not lugging the huge thing around.  

The forecast only has negatives at night for the rest of the month. 

 B will get his phone back on Saturday, hopefully.  

We're all going home in March!

All the time.  Crazy baby.

Sitting up, mostly!

Happy girl!

Lulu's First Valentine's Day
Aren't those faces awesome?  I get to spend everyday with that crazy baby!

Annnnd she is already asleep, so I get to blog, yay, and then go to bed!

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