Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am blessed.

Today I spent the day with an old friend, Stephanie. We grew up together, and experienced so many firsts together. Then we grew apart, both graduated from college, and both married a military man.
Then Stef got cancer. I mean, she found out about it anyway. She beat it though, hopefully. Spending the day with her, sharing stories and reminiscing, I know that I am blessed. She is thoughtful, genuine, classy, and nice. The world needs more people like her. I'm just glad that we re-connected, and I hope that we can maintain this friendship no matter where life may lead us.

Brian didn't call today. I knew that he would be 'busy', but I'm secretly hoping that the army put him on plane early. I miss him a lot, and they kind of owe me. Just saying.

Did you know that focusing on schoolwork is nearly impossible with husband-fun looming just days away? I didn't even attempt to pull out the books today, because I knew. Tomorrow will have to be a different story, I hope. Maybe.

I should put pictures on here, eh? I wonder if I'm savvy enough to figure that bit out...

Yay, that was easier than I anticipated! This is my niece, Sweet Alyssa. Don't you just want to squash her in a hug and dance with her all at the same time?? She is simply amazing!

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