Monday, July 20, 2009

Twenty-four has started off better than I expected! My sisters and I spent my birthday morning shopping in Freeport, and then stopped for pretty margaritas on the way home. My mom and Jed set up a big, delicious BBQ at their house, and my brother-in-law followed it up with the most amazing ice cream cake I've ever tasted. Brian called at exactly the perfect time and I got to talk to him for twenty whole minutes, which was fantastic.

Being 24 isn't quite as scary as I'd expected either. Really I've just decided to save all my anxiety for a mid-life crisis. And, if Jessica Simpson is only 29, then being 24 isn't a big deal at all!

I've had a revelation about this whole school 'thing'. I am way unmotivated to do it on my own, having completed only 1/4 of the stuff I need to do before the end of September. That being said, I'm not even sure that this is the best way to go to get my teaching certification. I already have my BS, and realllllly don't need/want extraneous classes or any more debt. I'm going to finish out this semester, and stop taking classes at this school, at least for now. I'm going to look into employment when I get back to Texas, and figure it out from there.

Speaking of Texass... only a couple more weeks! I have 3 days left at work, and then one week to pack everything up and hit the road. My little sister is making the drive with me, and my mom and my other sister are going to watch Alyssa while we're gone. I think we're going to leave a day early so Molls will have an extra day to spend down there with me. The farthest she has ever been from home, is one two-day trip to New York, and she didn't get past the city! I'm sooooo excited to have her as my co-pilot and show her around a bit. She will make my drive sooooo much easier!!

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  1. That's exciting you only have a few days left!
    I'm glad your birthday went well and you got a phone call!!! Yay!