Saturday, September 12, 2009


It's been awhile, sorry. I've been in kind of a funk I guess. But, I have pictures of the recent improvements to my furniture!

T.V. stand before

New t.v. stand!

Bureau all finished! (filled in crevices, painted, changed handles) There was a before picture, but my blog wasn't in the mood to upload it.

Naked bookshelf

Finished bookshelf!

Hooray! This place is starting to feel 'put together'! As soon as I start working I'm going to buy a little dining set, and we'll be set for awhile, hopefully. I want to make sure that we arrive in Alaska with a whole household full of stuff. I'm not really sure why, it just feels necessary.

Have you heard about the new Disney movie coming?? Not the frog and princess one, though I am really excited that they're branching out some, but, I heard that they're doing Rapunzel!!!!!!! It isn't supposed to come out until 2010, and I cannot wait! Mandy Moore is set to be the voice of Rapunzel, which should be fantastic! When I was little my mom would read us the Brothers' Grimm version, and I loved it. I think it may have been where the whole crazy long hair thing started, which is fine. It was sooo romantic and tragic and pretty and perfect! Honestly, I want to have a baby girl just so I can use that name! Yea, I am obnoxiously excited, in case you weren't sure...

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  1. All of the furniture looks great!!! Also shoot me an email and I'll give you the scoop on when I'll be in texas. I have this crazy blog stalker or I would just post it lol