Sunday, September 27, 2009

So, I've had the weekend off from everything. No school, or work, obviously. So, I got a start on my Christmas shopping!! I found a suuuper cute pink Izod button up shirt for my mom, and some cozy flannel pajama pants for Brian. A healthy start, I'd say.

Also, I've discovered this website: It is fantastic, for realz. I've been kind of in tears all morning, I love it!

And just in case any of you were wondering... we're down to 21% left on this dang donut. And this also means, the care package I'm working on (to be mailed out mid-October) is likely the LAST ONE for Deployment '09!! Hooray!! Time to start shopping for a homecoming dress!

My neice, being adorable, sporting a onesie from Auntie Mary. I miss her so much!!

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  1. Yay!!!! That's awesome you started on the Christmas shopping (but you know I love the holidays!) You're in TX right? We should meet up when I'm there this weekend!!! the 3-7th! Email me girl!