Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So, it's been awhile, eh? Sorry! It turns out that I will likely have a husband come Thanksgiving, you know, in two days!!!!! I am literally freaking out! Of course, he may be home later, but I'm planning for soon. The date has been changed quite a few times in the last weeks, but things seem to be moving right along on his end! I'm so so relieved that this deployment might actually be over. 2009 really has been so long, and even though I've accomplished quite a bit, I feel like mostly I've been just waiting for him to come home so we can continue to be our happy little family again.

The past few weeks have been full of substitute teaching, not nearly enough school work, some house cleaning, and lots of distraction with other wives. We finally went to see New Moon today, and it was really good! Not as good as the book of course, but much more true to the story than the Twilight movie was. Also, I got glasses! I really just need them for reading/computer use and driving at night, which isn't much of an issue now, but will likely be one when we move to Alaska and it is dark for 6 months.

They still feel weird, but I kind of love them! I'm totally wearing them next time I sub! Maybe those dang sixth graders will quiet down now, ha! (p.s. I know I look like a wicked scrub in the picture. Today is my 'super-clean the apartment' day. Don't judge.)


  1. That's SO great that you might get to be together for the holiday! And you DO NOT look like a wicked scrub! Cute glasses!

  2. Yay for him being home SO SOON! :) And I love the glasses!

  3. Wow! So exciting for him coming home. I hope it all works out for sooner rather than later and the Army plays nice.

    The classes are super cute.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!