Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Hangover!

Haha! I'm so relieved this day is finally done! Unfortunately, B was stuck there, for a second Thanksgiving. He managed to scrounge up some 'traditional' Panda Express in lieu of fighting the masses of hungry soldiers, I'm pretty sure. It feels like that convo was just a dream, but my phone insists that he really did call at 2:30 this morning, so we'll go with that.

Me? I had skype-breakfast with my family in Maine. Alyssa is a dancing queen, and was giving the Rockettes a run for their money this morning! She serves up some fierce competition, with those size-3T legs of hers. I couldn't find any pre-cooked turkey at HEB, so Coco and I indulged in some rotisserie chicken with stuffing and cranberry sauce. As good as it gets!

So, as sucky as it was to not have Brian here, I truly do have lots to be thankful for:

1 - He is safe, healthy, and on his way home. Later rather than sooner, but on the way is better than not!

2 - Brian. He is the most perfect, crazy, calm, thoughtful, indulgent, kind, amazing, and just awesomest husband ever! And rugged, or so he tells me! (Yes, I am very thankful for the recreational time spent in the gym! Hellooooo, MUSCLES!)

3 - My family. If they weren't so fun, it wouldn't be so hard to be so far away from them.

4 - The evergreen room spray that I cleverly packed away with our tree last year. I hateeee fake trees, but we're not here for the real holiday, and I can't have nothing, so our place sports a 3-footer! The spray, however, helps to lull you into a sense of legit tree-ness. Awesome.

5 - That I don't do Black Friday. 3am? Seriously? Y'all are nuts. There is no shopping deal that would make it worth it for me to get up that early. Seriously. Good luck if you do it though. I'm impressed by your hard-core retail expertise.
I hope you all had a lovely holiday, however you celebrated!


  1. No black friday for me either. That's just nuts.

  2. Yeah I said no deals would get me outta bed that early either.. Maybe if I REALLY needed something...

  3. I agree with you on skipping the black friday shopping. Glad you were able to have a good Thanksgiving!