Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Love Bath and Body Works!

So, YAY! I've gotten to talk to Brian twice in the past two days (which is kind of a record these past few months) and it has been nothing but good news!

His re-deployment date has moved up again, and is in the reallysuperclose range! Like, before the yogurt in the fridge expires...!! I drove by Cooper Field where the homecoming ceremonies are held, and all over they had big signs that said: 'Welcome Home Brian's Brigade'! I kind of freaked out in the car and it's quite miraculous that there were no accidents, it couldn't be helped. (also, I found out that the field is like 1/4 mile down the road from where the shooting happend... so crazy, and so sad!)

Anyways. I went to BBW a couple days ago and got my delicious leaves, and winter, which is my new favorite home fragrance scent. While I was there I found a new line, called 'Winter White' with tons of different scents and they all smelled sooo good, and were 50% off! The floral one was my fav, so I got the pretty shimmer roll-ons as stocking stuffers for my lady family, and may have also gotten the ginormous body spray for myself! I do not regret it though, because it smells so freakin' amazing!

So, my apartment smells so delicious, and I've gone into full-on homecoming preparation mode! Today I deep-cleaned the carpets and am doing all of my laundry and refreshing some of Brian's that has been in storage. Next week I'll go to the grocery store to stock up on all of his crazy things! I just hope I have enough time to get everything done before he gets here! (I'm he won't really be too concerned about how clean it all is though, just makes me feel better!)

And last but not least, Steph at Watching Airplanes has given me another award 'cause she is the nicest blog friend ever! Thank you! I'm going to do it soon, I haven't forgotten!
Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday!


  1. SOOOO freaking exciting!!! I'm sure this is the most fun you've ever had while cleaning :)

  2. I'm blushing.

    Yay for him almost being home! I'm sure you will have a lot to do but it will help pass the time.