Thursday, June 18, 2009

Holy Sinus Infection!...

...but a happy one at that!

I talked to Brian today!

And I told my 'boss' that I'm leaving at the end of July!

And I wrote 1/4 of the paper that I've been putting off for weeks!

And I get to sleep in tomorrow!

And I buffed out almost all of the scratches on my hood!

And Molly didn't make me Shred with her today 'cause I was sick!! (But she did make me commit to a Sunday workout, and already threatened me with not-skinniness if I don't Shred with her tomorrow)

And I'm kind of hoping that this sickness is all in my head and I'll wake up fine tomorrow! (Especially because I'll have to snort saline solution and my mom will sing 'Turning Japanese' like she does, 'cause she is mean.)

AND I get to go to sleep right now! Sweet dreams Peeps!

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