Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1

I am Mary Katherine.  

Wife to Brian, Mum to Louisa, Sister to some of the best people.  I am currently in Alaska, thanks to my husband's relationship with the army, but that is due to change shortly.  

Fifteen Interesting Things:
1. I've never had a speeding ticket or been in a car accident. 
2. I am awesome at wrapping presents. 
3. Buffalo Chicken Salad is my favorite thing to eat, ever. 
4. When I was little, I insisted to be called 'Princess Aurora' for an entire year. 
5. I graduated from college at 20. Bachelor style.
6. I hate feet. (Except Lulu's.  They are the cutest things ever.)
7. My little sister and I used to have sleep-overs in each others rooms when I was in junior high. 
8. I love compliments on my cooking!
9. I am horrible at writing back to people.  I also feel super guilty about this...
10. I was home-schooled for two years.
11. I didn't have a pedicure until I was 21. 
12. I took four years of Latin and two years of Greek in high school. 
13. I am a super-duper blog creeper.  I suck at writing comments, but I probably like you a lot and pretend that we're blogfriends.  Yes, you. 
14. I got a tattoo on a whim two weeks after I turned eighteen.  My mom saw it a year later and flipped out.  Pretty funny in hindsight. 
15. I wear perfume to bed sometimes because it makes me feel fancy.

Phew!  Fifteen things is kind of a lot when you're making them up!  


  1. I love it.. and again.. am so glad you are doing this with me.

  2. You & Molly had sleepovers? Without me? Fighting.

  3. I love the blogcreeper one. So does that mean you think you are my friend? ;)

  4. I didn't get my first pedicure until later in life either!