Thursday, April 14, 2011

Phone Pictures!

So after I filled out an insurance claim my phone gave a flicker or two of life.  This morning I actually had a few solid minutes that the screen was light enough to kind of see!  I pounced on that opportunity and sent a bunch of pictures to my email...  There are still tons more that I'd like to save, so hopefully she has another bright moment soon!  

But anyway, here is some of the fun I salvaged:

Early morning baby smiles!

Baby is getting excited about this eating thing...


Self portrait with Lulie!

Baby sleeps.

Baby nap not on me!

Lulu, when she fit into her infant seat!

Brian, while he was at NTC.

Laundry day with babycakes!

Pretty Louisa

Silly baby Lulu

Naps on Christmas!

Not sure why she is half naked...?

Sleepy Lu

More baby naps...

The end of our street, Yay AK!

Louisa's 1st Christmas tree!

So, clearly out of order, and I obvi am obsessed with my Lulu, especially when she sleeps!!


  1. I love that I get to see so many new pictures!! Fun! Louisa's apple toy was totally found under the living room coffee table a few days ago...!