Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Days 12&13

Day 12

Kind of ironic that the topic for yesterday was: Something you don't leave the house without
-Military ID, 'cause the gate guards here are pretty strict, and I'm terrified that I'll lose it and not be allowed back on post
-Cell phone
-Mascara, wearing it

So yesterday morning, my id went missing.  I searched the car, the house, everywhere.  It was gone gone.  I panicked.  Hours late, bam, right in my diaper bag!

Also, after seven months of regular abuse from Lulu, my cell phone collapsed while we were out at dinner with friends.  It gave a weak little shudder and refused to turn on.  I took it apart to dry, potentially baby saliva was the culprit?  Nothing.  So I'm leaving it plugged in today, but I don't have high hopes.  Bummer.  

Day 13: Goals

Convince Louisa that sleeping through the night is the cool thing to do...

Fortunately I've already accomplished so much that I wanted to.  Bachelor's degree, rockin' husband, cute little baby...  


 I'd like to be more healthful, find a job that makes me happy (or at least have enough time off to be with my awesome fam), take at least one vacation to Europe, buy a house, perfect my self-tanning technique, the usual.  

Maybe pay off my student loans?  That seems a bit radical though.  

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