Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 4

My Parents

First, I need you to appreciate that I'm having a glass of wine and eating jelly beans with Brian.  On a Sunday night.  Because Lulu has woken up every hour for the past two nights and wine+jellybeans makes it bearable.  Also having a car paid off for the first time in a long time... GO US!

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Keith, my father, is an intelligent, somewhat anti-social, electrical engineer.  He has four kids: my two sisters, one brother and myself.  He has not been a dad to my sisters and I for a long time.  He and my brother are quite close.  I choose to not have a relationship with him for a lot of reasons, but maintain distance because I do not want Lulu to know or be influenced by him.  

My mom. 
-Raised four kids after a horrendous divorce.
- had me convinced for years that she was a hairdresser for Madonna.
- has Lady Godiva hair extensions.
-invented the 'Wrapping Machine' song (vital info).
-told her kids that eggrolls were made of cat meat so she would get them all.
-has amazing table manners.
-is capable of talking to anyone, seriously.
-is probably the most crazy person I know.  Most of the time in a fun way. 
- married a man that I hadn't met until our trip home last month, and is adopting his 6 year old daughter.
(just call us the Kardashians)

Clockwise from top: Me, Meg, Molly, Mum, Max

Yea, I come from crazy.  And I'm pretty sure I'm just perpetuating the cycle!  


  1. This is awesome and it is so hard for me not to share this on fb!

  2. Don't do ittttt! Crazy lady!